The Latest Western Insult to Russia

mr.k081809.jpgOK, folks, this has gone far enough.  There’s no need for the United States and Europe to continue in their unchecked and outrageous aggression against Russia, renewing Cold War tensions and antagonism, no matter how jealous they are of her powerful resurgence.  Sure, sure, I know:  Russia has been running its nuclear subs up and down the coasts of Canada and the United States, flying bomber patrols, stealing the arctic, proposing to stick missiles 300 miles from Berlin, arming Venezuela to the teeth, and diplomatically insulating everyone from the Sudanese, Burmese, and Iranians from any international action. Those lefties can talk all they want about the long string of murdered journalists and human rights critics – big deal!  Other russophobic extremists out there will raise the petty, misunderstood instances of repeated energy supply cuts from Gazprom and a little invasion of some insignificant Black Sea country – which of course is Russia’s own business, because really that’s their sphere of influence.

But hasn’t the response from those imperialists of the West beensufficiently harsh yet?  Those wily Germans, for example, have the gallto come into Russia and attempt to entrap our state-owned businessesinto buying GM’s stake in Opel, and otherwise deepen economic relations and investments. Obviously they are up to no good there.  Or those nasty Italians, withtheir fancy fashion exports and NATO membership flaunting, just look athow Berlusconi is trying to steal the spotlightfrom Vladimir Putin on this Turkey thing, which should help slice anddice the Nabucco proposal and close the noose on Europe’s supplydiversification.  It seems that when you become the biggest buyer ofRussian gas in the world, you think you own the country!  They aren’talone – just look at France’s Total talk about expanding its energy investments in Russia, no doubt part of a sinister plan to weaken the mighty bear!

ButParis hath no arrogance like that of the Americans, who during thefirst visit of Barack Obama to Russia, actually had the temerity tobring along a $1 billion investment planfrom PepsiCo.  Pepsi!!!  What, is Russia not good enough forCoca-Cola!  These yankees appear to be attempting to grind us down todust with all these seemingly robust business deals…

And then today, came the latest Western insult – THEY ARE PLANNING ON OPENING A NEW BRANCH OF … (oh my goodness, I can’t even write it.)

chilis081809.jpgOh,the horror, the horror.  Now the people of Russia will be subjected tothe gastric assault and high caloric content of such Chili’s ediblesknown as “baby back ribs” and “fire grilled chicken quesadillafajita”?  The outrage, ladies and gentlemen, knows no limits in thisdirty, unfair, one-sided fight against the proud rise of Russia.

War, undoubtedly, is imminent in the face of terrible treatment.