The Lobster Summit and Gourmet Diplomacy

Somehow I think it’s going to take much more than a few lobster rolls to solve Kosovo and the missile shield, but this blog entry from NYT’s The Lede is entertaining:


Tension? Critics? Food? A need for some comic relief? Sounds like a new answer to those strained ties between the United States and Russia, which are said to stand at the lowest point in Mr. Bush’s presidency. Both sides not expecting any breakthroughs, but The Lede wonders — not at all seriously, of course — what effect a chef like Mr. Keller might have had on the proceedings. Not much news has emerged from the meetings so far, but is there a potential for a Ratatouille Moment when all grudges are forgotten? Unfortunately, there was no sign of an attempt to Proust Putin on Sunday night’s menu: First Course: Lobster on the Half Shell Second Course: Marinated Swordfish with vegetable medley served with Brazilian Cheese bread Dessert: Blueberry and Pecan Pie Kennebunkport’s Clam Shack may have cooked up a decidedly American feast, but another dining establishment around the block made an attempt to touch Mr. Putin’s soul with drink. Two drinks, actually: * The Hootin’ Putin: a mixture of raspberry vodka, lemonade and iced tea * The Putin Punch: rum and fruit juice. Alas, time appears to have run out. There were no reports of Mr. Putin pulling up to the bar at Arundel Wharf, the creative drink maker. And this morning’s breakfast was more of the same: pancakes and omelets.