The Poisoning of Evgeny Arkhipov

Over the past couple days we have been receiving several notices from the Association of Russian Human Rights Lawyers regarding the Feb. 15th hospitalization of Evgeny Arkhipov due to a suspected deliberate poisoning.  Arkhipov is a familiar name among the opposition, and as a lawyer and member of the Solidarnost movement, he has suffered numerous instances of harassment by state organs, including an attempt to disbar him in 2009.

According to the organization, after several days Arkhipov was denied continuing medical treatment at a Moscow hospital despite “indirect” proof of a toxin, which they believe may be thallium.  They also mention the fact that Arkhipov had recently published a controversial article revealing the corruption behind Russia’s toll roads system.

Arkhipov is currently making plans to leave Russia and seek medical care abroad, and is looking for support.  For some reason, this story really hasn’t been picked up by media, perhaps due to all the uncertainties of the events.  We will keep following this one for updates, and I certainly do hope that this is one story we can look back on as only paranoia instead another assassination attempt.