The Spanish Version

President Medvedev had some interesting things to say to Spanish television today. In a wide-ranging interview (excerpted video here, full version here), Medvedev shares his thoughts on missile defense, energy security, and, of course, the Manas Air Base fiasco.

According to the Chinese state media, Medvedev blames the Kyrgyzs for kicking the Americans out of Central Asia.

“The Kyrgyzstan leadership’s decision to close the Manas air base in Kyrgyzstan was a sovereign one. They gave their reasons for this decision, as far as I understand,” said Medvedev.

“Ultimately…they have made the decision. It should be respected as any decision made by a sovereign state.”

“As to our cooperation on Afghanistan, I would like to say that we are interested in stepping it up rather than in stopping it.”

“We can see what threats radical groups operating in Afghanistan, Pakistan and some other countries pose. Those groups are threatening all of humanity and largely, or primarily, their own peoples. That is why we are ready to step up this cooperation in all areas and also with the Unites States,” Medvedev said.