Three Predictions on Russia, China, and the U.S.

At least one person out there doesn’t seem to think that the low oil prices and economic difficulties is going to derail Russia’s agenda to seize back control of its periphery … but then again, this is Fox News.  It seems odd that she sees events going one way in China, but not in Russia.

From Kathleen “K.T.” McFarland:

Prediction: Expect Ukraine to drop plans for NATO membership and slip steadily back into Russia’s orbit. And expect Europe, which generates most of its electricity from Russian gas imports, to go along with it. (…)

Prediction: Expect social unrest in China, especially toward the end of 2009. The Chinese government will crack down ruthlessly and restore social order, but there could be a period where the world watches another Tiananmen Square-type incident. (…)

Prediction: Can Washington summon up the courage [to resist bailouts and reform – ed.] and make this the year of reckoning or will it put off the inevitable for another generation? My heart hopes our leaders have the guts to face our problems now, but my head thinks otherwise.