Today in Russian Business – Feb 15, 2012

Barrick Gold’s decision to put its 20% stake in Highland Gold on the market gives Roman Abramovich the option ‘to tighten his grip on Russia’s vast resources industry’, says The Independent.  Plans to make driving in Moscow more expensive have angered drivers groups, who are calling instead for more roads.  On the problems faced by Russia’s disabled in finding employment.  A proposed new property tax to replace the existing land tax and individual property tax would be based on a property’s market value.  Power Machines is to step up its efforts to compete on foreign markets, taking over EMAlliance in the process.  A new one-handed AK-47 replacement has been unveiled.  The reconstructed Moskva Hotel has been re-opened, revealing its transformation into a commercial center.  China’s pledge to help resolve the European debt crisis has boosted Russian stocks to a six-month high.  Russia and Ukraine are sparring over cheese imports, with the latter accusing Russia of political blackmail.