Today in Russian Business – April 7, 2011

Russia has suspended imports of fish from 242 Japanese plants due to fears over radioactivity. Commentators are speculating that the case against Bank of Moscow president Andrei Borodin has an underlying political motive; this Moscow Times piece suggests that justice is selective for ‘those whose vital link with the ruling elite is severed‘.  In the latest move relating to the fight for control over the bank, Borodin says that a consortium is prepared buy out its shares from VTB, and denies that he is seeking political asylum in Britain, despite the fact that investigators have issued a summons for him over a 2009 loan to Yelena Baturina.  Russia and the United States have agreed on the terms for supplying 21 Russian military helicopters worth $370 million to Afghanistan.  Vladislav Inozemtsev says Medvedev’s investment measures won’t work.