Today in Russian Business – Aug 12, 2010

RusAl has filed a request with the London Court of Arbitration over its dispute with Interros regarding the companies’ Norilsk Nickel stakes – both hold 25%, but RusAl says it was given less board seats than Interros. Said the latter of the decision to go to court in London, ‘[RusAl’s threats] have finally come to fruition. We’re glad.‘  Azov City, one of Russia’s four special legal gambling zones, may be moved to a more central and easily-accessed location because, at present, ‘no one wants to go to these zones‘.  The US Agriculture Department’s initial forecast of the decline in world wheat stocks may have been conservative, as Russia’s drought leads traders to anticipate the department’s third downgrade in as many months.  A Bloomberg survey reveals a generally pessimistic outlook on the healthiness of this year’s wheat stockpiles, and concerns about knock-on effects that could increase demands for other crops such as corn.  Google is launching a Russian test version of its new traffic monitoring service in Moscow and St Petersburg, but will now have to compete with Yandex for customers.  Glonass adds to the current hype surrounding its navigation system.  Is an advertising campaign all that Moscow needs in order to improve its international image?