Today in Russian Business – Aug 23, 2010

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will visit Norilsk Nickel this week amid the Vladimir Potanin / Oleg Deripaska shareholder dispute that has been ongoing at the company since June.  Reuters reports that ‘Putin […] is believed to personally oversee all significant business deals in Russia and his visit may finally bring a solution to the conflict.‘  Putin, meanwhile, has attacked the management techniques of Volgograd City Hall and called for the total eradication of corruption.  Ebay estimates that Russia’s current online retail market is worth around $5 billion, but says that it could soon quadruple.  RIA Novosti reports on the Moldovan wine feud.  Russia Today, the news organ financed by the Russian government, is apparently making serious inroads into US cable television markets.  The sowing of next season’s harvest is still being delayed as farmers wait for more rain, and analysts are questioning the Agriculture Ministry’s insistence that there will be no grain imports this year.  The Federal Anti-Monopoly Service is investigating six bread producers for raising prices during the drought.