Today in Russian Business – Dec 28, 2009

Russia’s anti-monopoly service has opened a probe into mobile operator Vimpel Communications, suspecting it of abusing its market position.  The word for Russian business in 2010: restructuring.  President Dmitry Medvedev is reportedly ‘frustrated‘ at the slow pace of Russia’s research and development.  The Health and Social Development Ministry is accusing brewers of adding pure alcohol to their products.  Sberbank says it will file a lawsuit if its demands that General Motors reimburse expenses incurred by the state bank from its failed bid to purchase Opel are not met.  Vladimir Putin has outlined a plan for civilian shipbuilding development, which will require $5 billion into 2020.  Russia, along with China and India, has been one of the most aggressive buyers of gold this year.  The central bank has unveiled its 10th interest rate cut of the year.  The Globe and Mail looks at the recent trials and tribulations of Russia’s oligarchs.