Today in Russian Business – Feb 7, 2011

Ashot Egiazaryan has reportedly fled Russia, and is considering seeking asylum in the US, citing fears that he will be assassinated over disagreements with former Russian associates.  Russia has lifted a nine-year ban on the export of its sturgeon caviar to Europe – but it won’t be cheap.  Auditors are criticizing former Mayor Yury Luzhkov’s transport officials for misspending $7.3 billion during his last three years of office due to lack of discipline and cooperation.  The IT market is returning to its pre-crisis glory, says the Moscow Times, although this isn’t thanks to organic growth: ‘Observers have consistently seen a direct link with Russia’s IT spending and the price of oil. So with black gold approaching $100 per barrel, the market looks good for 2011.‘  The Independent notes the connections between Rosneft, Yukos, and Igor Sechin, ‘dubbed by the Russian press as both “Darth Vader” and “the scariest man on earth”.