Today in Russian Business – July 15, 2010

The theme of economic modernization will apparently be high on the agenda at the 10th meeting of the St Petersburg Dialogue between President Dmitry Medvedev and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  The major trading partners will apparently sign a blitz of deals in various different sectors: the FT has an overview.  Siemens’ growing involvement in the railway sector is one aspect of bilateral economic cooperation.  Chancellor Merkel has apparently promised to help in pursuing Russia-EU visa relaxation.  The world’s largest planemaker, Airbus, has suggested positive prospects for future collaboration with Russia, possibly including the development of a new aircraft.  The stake swap between South African media holding Naspers and Digital Sky Technologies has given the latter control over service.  Russia-Moldova talks over the former’s current ban on wine imports have stalled due to Moldova’s ‘overpoliticized’ position.  In a prospectus for its first eurobond, Belarus placed its stormy relations with Russia as the top risk factor for potential investors.  Moscow City Duma does not like the siesta idea for its workers.