Today in Russian Business – July 20, 2009

Putin has warned beneficiaries of VEB’s emergency loans not to get used to extending their loans.  Shalva Chigirinsky may not return to Russia after reportedly failing to show up for questioning regarding a tax evasion case.  The Guardian scrutinizes the beleaguered billionaire’s claim that Yelena Baturina holds a 50% share in Sibir Energy.  China has apparently criticized Russia for the closure of Cherkizovsky Market due to contraband, saying that red tape has long prevented Chinese workers from being able to trade lawfully.  Former CEO of electronics chain Eldorado, Alexander Shifrin, has been put on an international wanted list for tax evasion.  Belgium’s RHJ International is offering $389 million for a majority stake in Opel in a last minute attempt to beat Magna.  Joblessness figures and wage arrears actually fell last month to a six-month low of 8.3%.  The Telegraph features an interview with billionaire media owner and Gorbachev ally Alexander Lebevdev.  Russia’s richest man Mikhail Prokhorov apparently hopes to seal a deal to buy a majority interest in KazakhGold by September.