Today in Russian Business – June 18, 2010

President Medvedev has told the WSJ that while the threat of the euro’s instability cannot not be underestimated, he does not envisage the total collapse of the European currency.  According to the President, Russia’s attempts to join the WTO represent a long-standing ‘illness’ in relations with the US.  Vladimir Putin apparently feels the Jackson-Vanik amendment has a similar effect on ties with Washington.  The Moscow Times has the lowdown on the St Petersburg Economic Forum.  Why potential investors may have clearer heads than usual.   Medvedev has said that as of next year Russia will abolish the capital gains tax on long-term foreign investment in order to draw more investment.   To see the new big names Viktor Vekselberg is courting for Skolkovo, look here.  Oleg Deripaska’s En+ Group has bought a 10% stake in the Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange.  Pepsi is reportedly planning to become Russia’s major food and beverages producer by 2015.  Yoghurt maker Danone has plans to triple revenue in the country.   Reuters has an analysis on why global pharmaceutical industry see eastern promise.  The Moscow Times reports on Russia’s $1 trillion infrastructure funding problem.