Today in Russian Business – June 23, 2010

My advice to U.S. technology companies is to steer clear of Russia because it’s insanity to go there’: Bill Browder is having none of Medvedev’s investor incentives.  The President has been tweeting from Silicon Valley where he has apparently won support from governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Designed to facilitate business dealings, the government is apparently unable to find scientists willing to study the effects of Medvedev’s time zone chop.  Anders Aslund gets inside ‘the new Russian mind’ Viktor Vekselberg will invest in historic Fort Ross.  Russia and Italy are jointly constructing a $49.3 million helicopter factory in the Moscow region.  Aeroflot is taking style tips from Singapore Airlines.  Retailers need to be more credit-card friendly, says State Duma Deputy Anatoly Aksakov.  Top beer brewer Carlsberg expects the Russian beer market to contract by between 10 and 13% this year.  Le Monde says it will not consider a bid from Gleb Fetisov.  Egypt’s Health Ministry has rejected a Russian wheat shipment as unfit for consumption.  The Industry and Trade Ministry has distributed nearly 200,000 ‘cash-for-clunkers’ vouchers.