Today in Russian Business – June 29, 2011

Russia has lifted its unpopular ban on vegetable imports from the Netherlands and Belgium.  The Moscow Times analyzes the United States inability to let go of Jackson-Vanik, the amendment to the 1974 Trade Act that prevents it from granting permanent normalized trade relations to Russia.  The merger between the MICEX and RTS is anticipated to be completed by the end of the week; the two plan to float their joint company before 2014.  Norilsk Nickel will double its shipments of metal and coal across the Arctic Ocean by 2016, at a cost of $370 million.  French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde will become the new head of the International Monetary Fund, with full backing from Russia, including a last-minute endorsement from Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin.  According to the Defense Ministry, Russia has successfully tested its new nuclear Bulava missile.  Campbell Soup has announced its exit from Russia, four years after its initial attempts to break into the market.