Today in Russian Business – March 1, 2010

Foreign investment in Russia declined 21% in 2009 to $81.9 billion; the Moscow Times analyzes the steep drop here.  Ukraine has said that it will not consider joining a customs union with Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia until the triumvirate has been accepted into the WTO.  New regulations limiting IPO options could impede Russia’s own attempts to develop Moscow as a financial nexus, says the Moscow Times.  Is Alexander Lebedev edging closer to ownership of the Independent?  Russia plans to impose limitations on milk imports from Dutch dairies.  Facebook investor Yuri Milner discusses investment strategies with the Moscow Times.  The FT reports that Russia has announced it may ban Austrian Airlines flights into Russia after the company takeover by Lufthansa.  Russia’s deputy prosecutor general has apparently said that the UK and Israel are sheltering more Russian criminals ‘with significant funds’ than any other country.