Today in Russian Business – Nov 2, 2010

The CEO of Microsoft has agreed to get involved with the Skolkovo project, signing an agreement with Viktor Vekselberg and sparking rumours that millions of dollars of investment could be involved.  In a bid to end the corrupt sale of Microsoft products in Russia, a web site has been set up to show software price limits.  Moscow’s high-end apartments are more likely to be rented by Russians than foreigners for the first time since 2007, which supposedly is a direct result of foreign companies closing their offices or shifting their staff during the financial crisis, says the Moscow Times.  France’s DCNS and Russia’s United Shipbuilding Corp are to form a shipbuilding consortium to supply military and civilian needs.  Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin says he will turn his attentions to civilizing‘ Moscow trade by closing illegal markets. says that buyers will take all of its IPO stock, pricing it at the top of its range.