Today in Russian Business – Sept 9, 2010

China and Russia could start trading in rubles and yuan ‘within weeks‘ in a bid to diminish dependence on the dollar in global trade, Bloomberg reports. ‘It makes sense for two large economies to exclude a third, overly dominant economy from their trading equation.‘  The 2012 budget will earmark $7 billion for police reforms, says Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin. RusAl has devoted an entire website to its complaints against Norilsk Nickel in a bid to win minor shareholder support; Norilsk said that the site contained no ‘constructive criticism‘.  Car sales are up 51% on last month’s figures as consumers continue to use the government’s ‘cash-for-clunkers‘ scheme, which Bloomberg says is costing $697 million this year.  ‘A number of foreign specialists in Russia are overpaid,‘ suggests this analyst, ‘simply because some companies see employing expats earning “big money” as fashionable.‘  Strict curbs on tariffs will continue next year, says Vladimir Putin, ‘to ease the financial burden on households and business‘.  Exports of sunflower seeds and oil may be banned if refiners get their wish.