Today in Russian Business

An Orthodox business has suggested building “collapsible light churches” in order to fulfillthe goal of having one church for every thousand Orthodox believers. British supermarket chain Tesco plans to open its first Russian stores. Russia’s state-run Sukhoi Aviation Holding Co., “plans to become the largest maker of commercial airplanes after Airbus and Boeing.Dmitry Medvedev has called for anti-corruption steps to protect small businesses. The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade has released a list of food products whose prices may be regulated by the state. The Russian arm of Procter & Gamble has been presented with a $28 million tax claim. Caspian Sea states may impose a five-year ban on fishing for sturgeonbecause the sturgeon is about to disappear”. Banks and monetary authorities will boost loans to the economy by 35-40% year-on-year to ensure 7% GDP growth this year. Raven Russia, a British property firm focused on Russian warehouses, signed a $170 million loan agreement with VTB Bank Europe to finance a logistics project in southwest Russia.