Truth and Fiction in Russia’s Appeal to the OECD

Today’s Sergei Lavrov column in the Wall Street Journal appealing for membership in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development contained a number of statements that we could help but choose some images to accompany. Stay tuned for a comment from Bob Amsterdam on the article. Lavrov: “In fact, many Russian laws and regulatory norms — including those for antitrust and tax legislation, foreign investments, banking and more — have been designed with relevant OECD guidelines and models in mind.”

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Lavrov: “We are a democratic country with a strong, dynamic, socially oriented market economy.”

Russian Protest

Lavrov: “This is the proof of the openness and stability of Russia’s economy, including its energy sector.” gazprom_24.jpg Lavrov: “No prejudice or ideology affects our approach to foreign affairs anymore.”

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