United Russia Taking Tips from China

In case you missed it, there was a fascinating article from Clifford J. Levy in Saturday’s New York Times, outlining United Russia’s new desire to glean strategic hints from the Chinese Communist Party.  As the article acknowledges, Russia is barely a step away from the complete fusion of the government with its party of seemingly perpetual rule, United Russia.  Apparently Vladimir E. Matkhanov, a parliamentary deputy, has openly admitted Russia’s interest in ‘the experience of the party and government structures in China, where cooperation exists between the ruling party and the judicial, legislative and executive authorities‘.  
Levy writes that the party, which lacks a core philosophy beyond its identity as the party of Vladimir Putin, ‘convened a special meeting this month with senior Chinese Communist Party officials to hear firsthand how they wield power.
Sergei S. Mitrokhin, the leader of opposition party Yabloko, puts it bluntly.  

“To me, the China meeting demonstrated that United Russia wants to establish a single-party dictatorship in Russia, for all time.”

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