Upcoming: Exclusive Interview with Boris Nemtsov


Nobody to keep him under surveillance?

Grigory Pasko, journalist

Boris Nemtsov doesn’t have any guesses as to who attached a mobile telephone with a tracking function underneath his car. And I don’t either. Nor do you, I’ll warrant. Or Putin, for that matter. An enigmatic country, enigmatic inhabitants with enigmatic souls… It’s hard to get concrete about something like this. Boris and I met on Thursday: I was listening to his answers to my questions and thinking: he’s young, he’s smart, he’s experienced, obviously not suitable to be a slick lackey of the powers or dictators. This is the kind of people who should be running the country. And then I thought: he stands out too much, it’s precisely this type that the current power doesn’t like. Fears them to the point of wanting to annihilate them. And so – the little tracking telephone… Who could have put it there? It’s beyond me.

Editor’s note: Tomorrow morning we will be posting Pasko’s interview with Nemtsov

Photo of Boris Nemtsov by Grigory Pasko