Video: Fundraiser Funds Go Astray

Vladimir Putin performed a fascinating rendition of ‘Blueberry Hill’ at a St Petersburg charity concert held last year by the Federation Foundation, during which he was applauded by a star-studded audience including Gerard Depardieu, Goldie Hawn, and Sharon Stone, who got on her feet and danced along enthusiastically. The concert was organized in order to raise funds for children with cancer and other illnesses, but this report from RFE/RL suggests that the funds have yet to materialise. ‘Putin was only a guest at the concert and not involved with the fund-raising‘, says his spokesman, and the Foundation itself says it has nothing to do with collecting any funds.  Surely the event wasn’t held purely in order to disseminate Putin’s crooning skills? Well, I’m not complaining: if you haven’t seen it already, the video is absolutely priceless.