Video: Putin’s Judo DVD

We’ve done a little bit of blogging from time to time about Vladimir Putin’s interest in the martial art of Judo, and today, with the release his DVD to celebrate his 56th birthday, the media is scrambling to interpret what they can glean of his leadership style from his fighting advice. Tony Halpin at the Times of London writes: “Mr Putin lives up to his action-man image, however, and dons a white judo suit in a section of the film to throw an opponent to the mat during demonstrations of different moves. Dressed in a black robe, he also explains the history and philosophy behind judo, giving telling insights into his leadership style. “The practice of struggle permits compromises and concessions, but they are possible only if they are on the road to victory,” says Mr Putin at one point. “This is achieved not only by physical exercises, but also by moral preparation.