‘We Don’t Wanna Put In’

eurovision.jpgA goodwill deal between Russia and Georgia, brokered by the EU and UN, to prevent further conflict between the two countries was announced today.

And yet one wonders how effective diplomacy will be in mending a continuing cultural schism evidenced, quite hilariously, in We Don’t Wanna Put In, Georgia’s entry to this year’s Eurovision song contest–held, ironically, in Moscow–one of the most-watched non sporting events in the world, with an audience in the hundreds of millions.

From The London Times:

“We Don’t Wanna Put In includes a play on the Russia Prime Minister’s name in a Seventies-style performance that is unlikely to get Russian organisers of the contest dancing in the aisles. The cheesy disco number, sung in English by Stephane and 3G, contains the chorus: ‘We don’t wanna put in/The negative move/It’s killin’ the groove’ before urging ‘You better change your perspective.’

“It also features the line ‘Gonna try to shoot in/some disco tonight’ – at which the trio of women in the group mimed being shot in the head during their performance on Georgia’s public television last night. Songwriter Stephane Mgebrishvili goes on to rap ‘I love Europe.'”