We will blog more, we will blog more, we will…

I just wanted to drop a quick note here to all of my regular readers.  You may have noticed that postings have been very light over the past number of weeks, and even yesterday we only had the news blasts going.  Please accept my apologies for this, as sometimes it is necessary that I dedicate my time (as well as that of my team) to urgent client work and meeting some ambitious deadlines.  As my partner Dean Peroff often tells me, “Bobby, don’t forget that you’re a lawyer before a blogger,” and, well, he does have a point.

This does not mean that there haven’t been very interesting events developing in Russia and the world worthy of commentary and analysis.  I look forward to digging in with renewed vigor over the next month, and strongly increasing our average number of posts per day (and yes, even I will write some of them).  So stay tuned, visit often, and tell your friends to check out RA 2.0.