Weapons Maker Loves Russia’s Current Political Path

mikhailkalashnikov.jpgIn reference to the United Russia rally which I blogged about below, here’s an interesting bit of news: in attendance was one Mr. Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov, the 88-year-old designer of Russia’s third most popular export after oil and gas, the famous Kalasnikov assault rifle, AK-47. This is not a joke. Apparently one of the world’s most well known weapons designers gave a short speech endorsing the continuation of Russia’s current political path … it must be good for business. I would assume he knew the lyrics to the Soviet songs being played during the rally much better than the nashi. See also: Chavez can’t find 100,000 new Kalashnikov rifles from Russia, and the arms manufacturer that took on a stake in AvtoVAZ and renamed the most popular jeep after the rifle.