Welcome Lenin, Goodbye Putin

I had meant to link over to this item on the Russia! blog a few days ago, but I guess I got caught up reading thousands of Twitter feeds on the elections in India (while learning nothing new).

Trolling LiveJournal for the best of the best, Marina Galperina comes across this oddity of a Swedish rock act which chose a rather controversial direct challenge to Russia in order to gain attention for the Eurovision contest:

• This week’s WTF viral war is brought to you by Eurovison and blogger carefree-man. For whatever reason, Swedish group Grotesko decided to turn one of their noxious dance songs into one giant burn aimed exclusively at Russia, complete with gratuitous mockery of the Russian Army Choir and a crew of pants-less dancers with red stars on their asses, jiggling to the chorus of “You’re welcome, Lenin, good-bye, Putin.” Then, Russian band Plehanovo retaliated with a goblin-style video re-mix for rutube that calls the Swedes a bunch of nancy boy screw-ups who lost to Russia in battle at Poltava and at soccer last year… but in a much more colorful language. Commenters chant up some soccer cheers, general stupidity continues.

I highly recommend that you avoid watching the YouTube clips over on LJ.  I can’t be held responsible for the instant headache which may result.