White Paper: The Bangkok Massacres – A Call for Accountability

Below you will find a video introduction, press release, and link to the full document of our latest White Paper prepared in response to the tragically violent Bangkok killings of protesters occurring in in April and May of this year. Please see www.robertamsterdam.com/thailand for more information and continuing coverage.

New White Paper Calls for Accountability for Excessive Force Against Bangkok ProtestersLONDON, July 22, 2010 – A newly released document asserts that the Thai Royal Army and its government may be responsible for human rights abuses and possible crimes against humanity in connection with the bloody suppression of protests in Bangkok in April and May, which resulted in the deaths of approximately 90 people. The document outlines Thailand’s obligations under International Law to allow independent and impartial bodies to investigate and prosecute all responsible parties.The 80-page white paper entitled “The Bangkok Massacres: A Call for Accountability” was prepared by international lawyer Robert Amsterdam of Amsterdam & Peroff LLP, whose firm has been retained by former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra as international advisors to the legal defense team for protesters arrested in the crackdown.”The recent violence in Thailand is part of a larger campaign of political persecution designed to eliminate the movement calling for restoration of the basic right to self-determination through genuine elections,” said Amsterdam. “The supposed ‘reconciliation’ efforts by the current unelected regime are belied by its ongoing use of emergency powers to criminalize the political opposition, and are nothing more than a cover-up to protect the unelected regime and preserve its unlawful grip on power. This white paper emphasizes the need for truth, accountability and genuine elections as prerequisites for real and lasting reconciliation in Thailand.”The white paper examines both historical and current events, and argues that there is sufficient evidence of human rights violations by the Thai military and its civilian chain of command to warrant a complete investigation by truly independent and impartial bodies. The white paper argues that the investigative committee established by Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva is neither independent nor impartial, and that international involvement may be needed to persuade Thailand to comply with its obligations under International Law.The white paper is now available for public download at www.robertamsterdam.com/thailand.