Robert Amsterdam Issues Open Letter Warning Tanzanian Officials Ahead of Tundu Lissu’s Return

In the letter, Mr. Amsterdam writes that he is “profoundly and urgently concerned for the safety and security” of Mr. Lissu, and that his firm intends to “hold accountable all public servants in the current administration of the Government of Tanzania with regard to the human rights, civil rights, and physical safety of the opposition leader.”

Departures Podcast with John Campbell

For many years, Africa’s natural resource wealth, young population, and vibrant societies have raised many hopes for a rapid emergence on the world’s stage – but the development of these opportunities has often slow and uneven. So what is holding the region back? John Campbell, a former US Ambassador to Nigeria, Senior Fellow at the […]

Tundu Lissu Launches Campaign for President of Tanzania

This week the former opposition lawmaker Tundu Lissu, who survived a violent assassination attempt just three years ago, has announced his bid to campaign for the presidency of the Republic of Tanzania. Mr. Lissu, who is a client of Amsterdam & Partners LLP, will contest against the incumbent Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) President John Magufuli, […]

Departures Podcast with Jeffrey Smith

There are a lot of pundits out there declaring democracy promotion to be dead on arrival in the Trump era. But there’s still an important community of activists fighting for the cause against the odds and even winning. “Democracy matters and democratic leadership matters, even in the face of a fast-moving crisis like the coronavirus,” […]

What the Pandemic is Revealing about Public Health Spending in Africa

While the COVID-19 pandemic has rampaged through the United States, thus far, the far more vulnerable countries in sub-Saharan Africa have largely been spared the worst of the impact. From as early as February 2020, scientists in Asia, Europe and North America began to voice confusion as to why Africa had so far been relatively […]

It’s Time for Abu Dhabi to Stop Their Disastrous Intervention in Libya

While the pandemic and the collapse of oil prices as well as the post-coronavirus economic crisis concerns hit the headlines, the devastating conflicts in the Middle Eastern countries do not abate, such as Libya. Despite these challenges, global and regional powers are still committed to their role in this geopolitically strategic game. Washington’s approach to […]

Coronavirus is Breaking Nigeria’s Patron-Client Networks

Nigeria is, in many respects, a miracle. The fact that this teeming nation of 200 million people continues to successfully operate on a day-to-day basis without falling off the cliff into full blown sectarian violence and state failure is an impressive feat – and yet, here we are, 30 years after the civil war. You […]

While Museveni Plays Politics, Bobi Wine is Saving Lives in Uganda

I am as proud as ever to represent Uganda’s opposition leader Bobi Wine on a pro bono basis, especially as we are watching this important East African nation face down the threat of the global pandemic. At great personal risk and sacrifice, Bobi has invigorated the political sensibilities of Uganda’s youth and leads a peaceful […]

Pressure Builds for Debt Relief in Africa

Hela Slim, a member of our law firm Amsterdam & Partners LLP, has just published a new piece to our sister website Corporate Foreign Policy about how Africa is going to need serious debt relief to have any chance of fighting back the pandemic. Hela writes, “The call for immediate debt-relief is an essential first […]

‘I Refuse to Be Repentant’: The Woman Challenging Uganda’s Ruler – The New York Times

As many readers are aware, our law firm acts on behalf of the opposition politician Bobi Wine, whose pro-democracy movement has suffered greatly at the hands of dictator Yoweri Museveni.