Mikhail Khodorkovsky Walks Free

It seems that this is not a public moment capped off with a dramatic speech, but a private moment, celebrated among a beloved and treasured family he has not seen in a decade.

Who Controls Anti-Corruption in Russia?

Vladimir Putin has set up a new anti-corruption agency under the presidency, but there are many doubts about its intended structure.

Pussy Riot and Russia’s Political Prisoner Problem

With a determined community of bureaucrats invested in Russia’s lawlessness, there is little hope for political prisoners.

Anna’s Anniversary

When I started this blog back in September of 2006, things were pretty different then in Russia.  It was about a year after I had been expelled from Russia under vague threat of arrest, back when most of us who were vocally opposed to the policies of the Kremlin leadership believed that there were certain […]

Disaggregation and Asymmetry

Today the Wall Street Journal issued another report on the developing fiasco of the Sakhalin Energy consortium. The Russian authorities appear to be using the Ministry of Environment to threaten a total shutdown of production to pressure Royal Dutch Shell on a dodgy asset swap with Gazprom. But do we really honestly believe that Shell […]