Departures Podcast with Hakan Bulgurlu, author of ‘A Mountain to Climb’

Several years ago, Hakan Bulgurlu was at the top of his game. He was serving as CEO of Arçelik, a multi-billion dollar corporation. He and his family, including three young children, were enjoying a great life with frequent international travel.

But he was also deeply troubled by the raw data he was seeing professionally documenting the rapidly deteriorating climate change situation. And when he would speak up about these concerns, he found that people wouldn’t listen and wouldn’t act. So, he made a momentous decision to transform his company to sustainable emissions and also prepare himself personally to accomplish an expedition to summit Mount Everest and bring attention to the cause.

In his new book, “A Mountain to Climb: The Climate Crisis: A Summit Beyond Everest,” Bulgurlu takes us deep inside the harrowing details of his trip to Everest in 2019, which turned out to be one of the most deadly years in terms of climber fatalities.  Interspersed with the tale of the expedition, Bulgurlu’s book explores the roots of the environmental crisis we find ourselves in, including interviews and commentary from climate activists and campaigners, biologists, scientists, filmmakers, academics, economists, entrepreneurs, global leaders and innovators. In this gripping account of his journey, Bulgurlu describes the challenges he faced in reaching the summit, and the challenges we all face in protecting the planet and the future of humanity.