Energy Blast – Jan 25, 2011

In the wake of failed six-party talks with Iran, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency has said his organization cannot be certain that the regime is not working on nuclear arms in a clandestine manner.  The New York Times explains why Iran may have lost interest in the Tehran reactor: because it had found its own source of uranium and could produce the fuel itself, says one anonymous diplomat.  A major oil discovery in the Caspian Sea, which could hold up to 4.6 billion barrels of  oil, could apparently be the biggest find of the year.  If the Moscow-Minsk gas price war continues, Belarus is likely to suffer, as apparently the country’s refineries have only one week’s worth of oil stocks left.  The New York Times considers the motives behind Vladimir Putin’s encouraging of foreign investors to take a piece of Russia’s once closely guarded energy pie.  The Wall Street Journal reports that a new cable published by WikiLeaks reveals the major challenges BP faces in its new Arctic exploration joint venture with Rosneft.