Novaya Gazeta on the Markelov-Baburova Shooting

The following is a translation, hot off the press, of an article posted to Novaya Gazeta, the newspaper where Anastasia Baburova was employed.  Baburov was accompanying Stanislav Markelov when an attacker shot them both, fatally wounding the lawyer.

baburova011909.jpgLawyer Stanislav Markelov killed and «Novaya gazeta» employee seriously wounded in center of Moscow

The murder of Stanislav Markelov took place in the day in the area of the «Kropotkinskaya» metro station. In the words of eyewitnesses, the criminal shot the lawyer in the head from a pistol with a silencer. «Novaya gazeta» employee Anastasia Baburova, being found at that moment alongside Markelov, attempted to detain the killer, however was wounded likewise by a shot to the head. In serious condition they hospitalized her in the 1st City hospital. She is found in intensive care, doctors are fighting for her life.

We will remind, Stanislav Markelov was the lawyer of the family ofthe Kungayevs. Today, in particular, he had declared that he does notrule out the possibility of turning to an international court on thebasis of the fact of the conditional early release of ex-colonelBudanov.

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Stanislav Markelov

Markelov was a lawyer for the most high-profile cases in relation toemployees of «Novaya gazeta» and had an official contract with thepublication. He conducted the case about the killing of «Novaya gazeta»journalist Igor Domnikov, since the year 2003 all cases that wereinitiated based on the materials of Anna Politkovskaya, the case ofOMON employee S.V. Lapin (nickname «cadet»), who had committed atrocityin relation to the peaceful citizens of Chechnya. Represented theinterests of victims in the criminal case of «Nord-Ost», in the masspolice lawlessness in Blagoveshchensk. Stanislav Markelov was the firstand only non-local lawyer working for a long time directly on theterritory of the Chechen republic.

Anastasia Baburova

Employee of «Novaya gazeta», last-year student in the journalismdepartment at Moscow State University. Was working on informal youthmovements, in particular was following information on neo-nazis. Inparticular, Anastasia’s material on the verdict issued to leader of theright-radical grouping «Format 18» Maxim Marcinkiewicz came out in No.4of «Novaya gazeta».

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