Putin’s Illegal Flight

The Moscow News has summarized a recent blog posting by Alexei Navalny which has everybody buzzing.  Did Vladimir Putin pull his stunt flight to put out the wildfires without a pilot’s license?  Or did the actual plane never take off, much like his roadrip in the Lada? 

On his blog, Navalny concluded that Rosaviatsiya was effectively admitting that state flights operated with no effective controls.

“In a country where everything is regulated down to any size and the width of the stripes on the back of chipmunks, a hefty aircraft can be flown by anyone, and it is unclear who is responsible,” he wrote.

Now he is planning to launch a court case, though he admits it has little chance of success.

“Do not rule out the possibility that they will say Rosaviatsiya regulates only the flights of herons and blackbirds, and everything else is too ‘multi-faceted’ for it,” Navalny wrote.