Quibble II

This quibble comes from Duma speaker Boris Gryzlov in relation to comments made earlier this week by Finance Minister (and Putin ally) Alexei Kudrin, who is disappointed by United Russia’s left-leaning policies (fyi, a Moscow Times writer today praises Russia’s fiscal conservatism in recent years).

Every time he comes to the Duma, he comes under fire and faces unflattering questions,” Gryzlov said. “[Kudrin] says he will not join United Russia — well, nobody has invited him to join our party.

Is this, like the Mironov debacle, another carefully orchestrated conflict, designed to throw us off the scent of something more serious?  Or is Russia’s economy struggling because no two people in power can agree on how to run it?  According to Vladimir Ryzhkov, ‘The main problem in Russia was, and still is, the absence of functional political institutions.‘