Today in Russian Business – Oct 15, 2010

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says that the rouble is in ‘an optimal state‘.  Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin on currency wars: ‘especially worrying‘.  The Central Bank’s move to widen its intervention corridor and move towards a floating exchange rate is ‘the latest small step towards a radical departure in Russian macro policy‘, says this FT blog.  Corruption associated with government services could be reduced by increasing online services, says the Communications and Press Ministry, seeking $2.6 billion to make it happen.  Russia’s largest internet companies are recommending that lawmakers allow them to resolve copyright disputes by the ‘internationally accepted method‘ of dealing directly with their violators.  The Stockholm district court has ruled to seize $4.7 million worth of Kremlin-owned property in response to complaints by German businessman Franz Sedelmayer; the property overseer has dismissed the ruling as ‘low-tier‘.  Sberbank has a positive outlook on its ‘organic growth prospects‘ in the Ukrainian market.  The Californian Skolkovo delegation suggested that Russia needs ‘some role models, people who are self-created, who’ve made something from scratch.‘  Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s prosecutors are suggesting that the former Yukos owner receive a milder sentence, ‘citing amendments to the law on economic crimes introduced by President Dmitry Medvedev‘.