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Welcome to RobertAmsterdam.com 3.0!  You are currently viewing the third iteration of this blog, which was originally launched back in 2006.  Thousands of entries later, the scope of our work has expanded, and I am assisted with a number of terrific editors who help keep the ship afloat.
My name is Robert Amsterdam, and I am a lawyer and an advocate for rule of law. This blog was created to express views which may stimulate debate and discussion on topics of international interest. It’s my belief that in general we live in a world of unchallenged impunity, and this blog is merely a small attempt to shine a light on issues I view as important in countries with which I am engaged. I make no apologies or pretense of objectivity – these are my opinions and I stand behind them.

CONTACT: bob AT robertamsterdam DOT com

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  1. SamuelCyrus
    Posted November 30, 2013 at 9:06 am | Permalink

    Is Angola forcing Muslims out of the country or not? If so, have they taken any heat in terms of riots and murders yet? Do you know? Thanks.

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