RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – August 3, 2020

Today in Russia: Russian mercenaries in Belarus can’t keep their story straight; Russia says July oil output in line with OPEC+ deal; Trump didn’t believe Russia bounty reports in Afghanistan; Navalny doesn’t just have trouble with Putin, he can’t get along with the press, either; 5.3k new COVID-19 cases in Russia; Belarus presidential candidate Tsikhanouskaya opposes Russia integration; Poland imposes maximum fine against Nord Stream 2, days after Pompeo blasts the project in testimony; The hunt for $240 million in offshore bank bonds; Russia breaks off double taxation agreement with Cyprus; 1 million Moscow motorists’ data stolen by hackers; Russia plans to carry out mass vaccination in October

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 31, 2020

Today in Russia: EU sanctions for hacking; US ex-marine sentenced, could be part of prisoner swap; 5.5 thousand more COVID-19 cases; Russia reacts furiously to Belarus arrests, ambassador claims the men were en-route to third country; Nine deaths in Crimea minibus accident; Russia to allow people to identify themselves as elves and other fantastic creatures on census; Construction companies and their “Leninist” methods; Ex-press secretary for Prosecutor General’s office to join United Russia and help with campaigning

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 30, 2020

Today in Russia: Belarus-Russia relations in freefall as Wagner Group mercenaries found in Minsk; Belarus pre-election crackdown; Germany asks for Russia’s help to track down fugitive Wirecard exec; Russia and China catching up with US on hypersonic missiles; Putin’s ratings plummet as Khabarovsk protest enjoy widespread support across Russia; Ruble falls against the Euro to 86.23

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 29, 2020

Today in Russia: Deripaska says Russia’s fight against US sanctions lackluster; US again accuses Russia of COVID-19 disinformation; Kremlin insists Safronov case not related to journalism – despite demanding he reveal sources; The Kremlin explains the resignation of 11 health minister in the regions; “Alcolocks” may be coming to Russian vehicles; Rosneft and Norilsk Nickel find compromise over gas field and energy supply; Sberbank to acquire Rambler; Belarus says it found foreign mercenaries in Minsk

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 28, 2020

Today in Russia: 5,300 new COVID-19 cases as pandemic continues to rage; Cryptocurrency fraud; Jailed journalist Safronov put into quarantine for suspected COVID-19 infection; Putin and Erdogan discuss Armenia and Azerbaijan standoff; Degtyarev’s disastrous first week in Khabarovsk; US and Russia in new negotiating format in Vienna; New scooter scheme by Sberbank and Mail.ru; China overtakes Ukraine as Russia’s largest buyer of meat exports; Prosecutors might get back their right to initiate cases

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 23, 2020

Today in Russia: Russian news crew attacked by US federal forces in Portland; Gulag historian sentenced to prison; Turkey and Russia strike Libya deal; Russia’s strategic plan with Iran; First Arctic oil delivered to China; PM Mishustin reports to State Duma

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 10, 2020

Today in Russia: Moscow will no longer require masks outdoors from July 13; Arrested Khabarovsk governor Furgal has outpouring of support in what is a complicated power struggle – the backstory; A timeline of post-referendum crackdown; Denmark and Nord Stream 2; Kadyrov blames “Russia’s enemies” for killings of Chechens abroad

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – July 8, 2020

Today in Russia: COVID-19 deaths surpass 10,000; Gulag historian faces jailtime; On Ivan Safronov, ex-journalist now accused of espionage; Medvedev “awaits his toga;” Norilsk Nickel to challenge the $2 billion figure for its diesel spill; Russia to “reiprocate” against UK for Magnitsky sanctions; Mastercard CEO: Russia has one of the most advanced payment networks in Europe

Departures Podcast with Michael Kimmage

So much of the peace and prosperity achieved following the end of World War II and past the end of the Cold War was rooted in a common civilizational grammar driving foreign policy, an imagined community of nations referred to as “The West” based on a set of Enlightenment ideas. But then we lost confidence […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – June 25, 2020

Today in Russia: Belarus accuses Russia of election manipulation; Head of Dozhd TV says he could vote twice on referendum; Watchdog decries “manipulative” referendum process; All sorts of election malfunctions; US official: China and Russia on “road to dystopia” if they don’t extend Iran weapons ban; Tver bans all negative news?; Russia steals from US shale oil playbook, and may end oil import ban early; Tourists heading to space in 2023; Kremlin sees rainbow flag flying at US embassy as unlawful “propaganda of untraditional sexual minorities”; Kremlin vows to support Venezuela amid US “regime change” efforts