GÖZLEMCİLER: Charter firmasının federal bağış programını dolandırdığından şüpheleniliyor

Source: Chicago Sun-Times Chicago Sun-Times’ın elde ettiği mahkeme kayıtlarına göre, Chicago’da, insanların verdiği vergilerle finanse edilen dört okulu işleten, prestijli bir ‘charter’ okulu firması, 5 milyon dolardan fazla federal burs parasını, charter okullarından alarak kendi üyelerine aktarmaktan şüpheleniliyor. Illinois Meclis Başkanı Michael Madigan’ın da içinde bulunduğu, güçlü bir destekçi ağı kurmuş olan Des Plaines merkezli […]

Today’s Zaman and the Cult of Gülen

Following the press conference we held yesterday concerning the new suit brought against the U.S.-based Turkish preacher Fethullah Gülen, we were expecting the typical onslaught on threats, insults, and misinformation from the Gülen media empire just like last time, most notably led by Today’s Zaman. But what’s been surprising about the propaganda effort this time […]

Video: Press Conference on Turkey’s Expansion of Gülen Investigation

Full video of the briefing held today at the National Press Club in Washington DC by Amsterdam & Partners LLP regarding their appointment by the Republic of Turkey.

Republic of Turkey Retains Amsterdam & Partners LLP on Expanding Gülen Investigation into Africa and U.S. Charter Schools

WASHINGTON DC, 26 October 2015 – The Republic of Turkey has retained international law firm Amsterdam & Partners LLP to conduct a global investigation into the activities of the organization led by the Turkish cleric Fethullah Gülen. “We have been retained by the Republic to expose allegedly unlawful conduct by the Gülen network worldwide,” said […]

Austria Tells Jewish Political Prisoner He Must Be ‘Registered’

Stephan Templ’s first week in an Austrian prison has already served to illustrate the arbitrary nature of the persecution he is facing from the government. Templ reported to correctional facility on October 5th, where is currently serving a 1-year sentence for the most absurd crime of having failed to disclose all heirs on a restitution […]

New York Times on Austria’s Shameful Imprisonment of Stephan Templ

Published in NYT: The case, unfolding over a decade, has stirred the ghosts of Austria’s murky Nazi past. It has also fanned outrage among Holocaust historians, dozens of whom wrote to the Austrian authorities pleading for the case to be dismissed. Last month, President Heinz Fischer rejected a plea for clemency, arguing that he had […]

Austria Jails First Jewish Political Prisoner Since WWII

On Monday October 5, the Government of Austria jailed the Jewish journalist and historian Stephan Templ. The outright injustice of this case has been documented on this blog in numerous articles. Below, a video of his final moments in freedom, followed by an excerpt from the Daily Mail’s coverage of this judicial atrocity. From the […]

Did Austria Try to Cover Up Exculpatory Evidence against Stephan Templ?

As part of our efforts to defend Stephan Templ from the unjust and arbitrary persecution by the Austrian authorities, we have been reviewing all the published decisions (recommendations) published on the website of the National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism, the institution responsible for adjudicating property looted by the […]

J’ACCUSE! Stephan Templ Ad Runs in Der Standard

There are only a few days left before Austria is due to imprison the journalist Stephan Templ despite a total absence of grounds in what has become the most outrageous example of persecution by a European government with undeniable overtones of official anti-Semitism. This announcement was placed in the newspaper Der Standard crying out against […]

75 Holocaust Historians Denounce Austria’s Persecution of Stephan Templ

From the Times of Israel: Seventy-five Holocaust historians blasted the planned jailing of an Austrian scholar for restitution fraud after he criticized the republic’s failures to compensate victims. Stephan Templ, a vocal critic of Austria’s Holocaust-era conduct, is to begin serving his one-year sentence next week for his 2014 conviction over his omission of a […]