Update: George Washington University Panel Event with Bobi Wine Cancelled

The event originally planned with Bobi Wine, Bobi Wine will be appearing on a panel along with Robert Amsterdam (Amsterdam & Partners LLP) and Maria Burnett (Human Rights Watch) at George Washington University on Monday has been cancelled. Tonight’s event with Bobi Wine at @IAfS_GWU unfortunately cancelled. We all wish @HEBobiwine safe travels home…the world […]

Press Conference with Bobi Wine

On Thursday, September 7, Robert Amsterdam held a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC with Ugandan Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine), who had recently suffered a politically motivated arrest and torture by the Uganda authorities. Amsterdam and Kyagulanyi discussed the recent incident in Arua, the human rights situation in […]

German Foreign Investor Strikes Blow against Russia

An apartment complex owned by the Russian government in Stockholm has been sold in a foreclosure auction. What does this mean for foreign investors fighting expropriation?

Robert Amsterdam Continues to Represent Red Shirts and Thaksin Shinawatra

On July 31, 2012 the blog “Legal Times” reported that Amsterdam & Partners submitted documents indicating that the firm had ceased lobbying activities on behalf of Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra in the United States. Unfortunately the report was mistaken by some to mean that Amsterdam & Partners has ceased all advocacy on behalf of Dr. Thaksin […]

Is Carl Bildt Attempting to Block an Auction of Russian Assets?

Carl Bildt, the Foreign Minister of Sweden, is quite well admired for his strong positions on Russia issues, his outspoken defense of freedom of expression, and his unambiguous declarations on human rights. That’s why it is so surprising to see the allegation that Foreign Minister Bildt has stepped into the middle of a legal case […]

Putin’s Economic Policies Leading to Stagnation

Writing in the Moscow Times, John Lough argues that Vladimir Putin’s “teflon” quality of escaping criticism has come to an end. In the economy, Putin is likely to announce new reformist policies to show that Russia’s tired-looking leadership has not run out of ideas. The highly competent economist Alexei Kudrin could return to the government […]

The Resignation of Viktor Vekselberg

We were quite surprised to read this morning the news of Viktor Vekselberg’s resignation from the chairmanship of Russia’s aluminum giant, Rusal, taking the dispute with Oleg Deripaska to the next level. Vekselberg, who is the 8th richest man in Russia with a fortune of $12.4 billion, has been in a protracted struggle with Deripaska […]

Video: Kissinger Sees Putin as a US Partner

Henry Kissinger tells CNN that Vladimir Putin is not necessarily anti-Western, but rather a Russian patriot who feels humiliated by the 1990s.  Not sure I can find the link right now, but didn’t Russia or a Russia front hire Kissinger associates way back when?

Opposition Statement on Jackson-Vanik and the Magnitsky Act (S.1039)

Some members of the Russian opposition, including Aleksei Navalny, Boris Nemtsov, Vladimir Ryzhkov, Vladimir S. Milov, and Ilya V. Ponomaryov, have released a statement today calling upon the U.S. government to remove the antiquated Jackson-Vanik amendment and grant Permanent Normal Trade Relations status to Russia. While the opposition decries the discriminatory nature of Jackson-Vanik, which […]

CBC’s The Current Interviews Robert Amsterdam (Transcript)

Canadian radio host Anna Maria Tremonte interviews Robert Amsterdam on the outcome of the Russian elections, ongoing work in Thailand, and his experience fighting a political case against Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.