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Given that I am riding out the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in a New York City hotel room along with my daughters, I think now would be a good time to announce to my loyal readers of the past 6 (!) years of blogging, that we are intending to undergo another renovation and rejuvenation here at the blog.

It can be very difficult work to have a full set of client dockets to service while at the same time putting in the necessary time and thought into making these publications successful and relevant, and even with the help of my faithful editors here, there is still much more required.

Since we started this project years ago, so much has changed – to the point that “blogging” is now (thankfully) a thoroughly irrelevant word, while the social aspect of how we exchange ideas has become so much more definitive.  So I am going to do my best here to make a return to regular writing, but with a slightly different approach.

While this blog was founded on my interests in Russia, since then I have begun working in so many different countries that it would only seem appropriate to start doing more coverage of Africa and Asia and other blindspots on the mainstream media radar.  Hopefully I can begin to undertake such a diversification of coverage here that is coherent and logical to readers interested in more than just one country, looking at trends in international affairs, economy, and comparative politics.

So while we undergo this transition, I look forward to hearing your thoughts and reactions.  Thank you, as always, for reading! – R.A.