The NSA and Attorney-Client Privilege

The latest Snowden leak shows that the NSA, via it’s partner in Australia, has violated attorney-client privilege of a U.S. law firm. Is the “Five Eyes” alliance being used to circumvent constitutional protections against U.S. surveillance against its own citizens?

Elite Corruption, American-Style

In light of my post yesterday on the Bo Xilai trial, I came across this interesting bit published on Walter Russell Mead’s blog: Here in the United States, our unprincipled politicians and greedy business elite have engaged in orgies of nepotism for a long time now. And the practice seems to be gaining momentum with […]

Chávez and The Algorithm of Authoritarianism

The following is an excerpt from a new article I contributed to the U.K. magazine Prospect.  Since the time of writing, several important events have taken place in Venezuela.  Chávez has used his decree powers to pass new internet regulations, allowing the government of a degree of control and censorship online similar to China or […]