Departures Podcast: “Putin is good for his people – he lets them steal as much as they want”

On this latest episode of Departures, Robert Amsterdam speaks with an admired friend and colleague Dr. Anders Åslund, author of the new book, “Russia’s Crony Capitalism: The Path from Market Economy to Kleptocracy.” In his book, Åslund contends that in his eighteen years in Moscow, Putin has succeeded in establishing a Russian state and economy […]

Beltway Journal: Russia’s ‘Brain Drain’

Earlier this week at an annual event in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed his countrymen, indeed the world, with a firm and unequivocal guarantee: Russia will respond in kind to any acts of intimidation from Washington or its allies. The remarks are expected. They’re a natural next-step in the progressively escalating tensions between the […]

Beltway Journal: Combating Disinformation and the “Deep States” of Russia and China

Nearly a month after the US midterm election, US Secretary of Defense James Mattis confirmed in an interview that Russian operatives had once again interfered in the American electoral process – a revelation that, while hardly surprising, should be a significant cause for concern. This discovery is yet another indication of an evolving global landscape, […]

Beltway Journal: EIA’s International Energy Outlook 2018

Global energy and electricity markets and their geopolitical and environmental implications, in this day and age, have grown to be a central tenet within the domestic and international political dialogue. Why? Because as the world’s population grows, so does their demand for electricity – especially in a time where the day to day functioning our […]

Beltway Journal: Turkey Marks Second Anniversary of Attempted Coup

Yesterday the Turkish Heritage Organization and BAU University together marked the second anniversary of the failed coup attempt led by Fetullah Gülen in Turkey with a public discussion in downtown Washington, DC, attended by members of Amsterdam & Partners LLP. Despite two years of recovery, the deep trauma and wounds sustained by Turkish society still aches […]

Beltway Journal: Investing in South Africa

Editor’s note: As the Amsterdam & Partners LLP team expands its presence in Washington DC, we thought it would be interesting to offer a space on this blog for members and partners to occasionally share notes from the many interesting events hosted around town, which often deal with topics and regions of concern to our […]