Channeling Goebbels

You have to hand it to the Nashi – they do a better job communicating what they are truly about than any of their critics can imagine.  Some people might sensibly suggest that an organization funded by the government that invokes Nazi propaganda might be, well, problematic.  But in Russia, for some reason, everyone will say that this is different.  From Victor Davidoff at the Moscow Times:

Blogger Yarsolidarnosc discovered more unsavory activity by pro-Kremlin movements. In Yaroslavl, Steel, the student branch of the pro-Putin youth movement Nashi, posted on its site a document titled, “The Movement’s Commandments of Honor.” They simply translated the “Ten Commandments of National Socialism” written by Joseph Goebbels with “Russia” replacing “Germany” and without reference to Jews: “Your Homeland is Russia. Love it above all others and in deed more than word. The enemies of Russia are your enemies. Hate them with all your heart. Be proud of Russia. You have to right the be proud of a homeland for which millions have given their lives.”

Steel’s claim to fame was when it placed photographs of liberal politicians and human rights activists on stakes during the annual pro-Kremlin summer camp in Seliger. Now we know where they may have looked for inspiration.