Demanding Justice for Markelov

roses012009.jpgSeveral hundred Muscovites, a rather small number considering the gravity of the event, have come out today to lay roses, mourn, and demand justice for the brutal murder of lawyer Stanislav Markelov and reporter Anastasia Baburova.  It seems that amidst all the outrage and sadness, we are seeing many express a sense of disgust.  From Reuters:

Mourners left a mound of red roses and yellow carnations in the snow at the spot where Markelov was shot. Candles burnt below pictures of the two and a small Russian flag with the words “They died for Russia’s freedom” hung above the flowers.

“I came today as I am deeply sorry and disgusted for Russia: how can you just shoot people down in broad daylight in the centre of Moscow,” said Alexandra Fomina, a prominent artist.

“Can we tolerate this much longer? And will they catch anyone for this murder – or will it be business as usual?” (…)

“Markelov was a lawyer foremost but in his heart he was also a human rights activist – he fought for the underdog against some powerful people,” said Lyudmilla Alexeyeva, one of Russia’s most famous human rights activists.

Photo: A woman lays a flower at the site where human-rights lawyer Stanislav Markelov,seen in photo at right, and journalist Anastasia Baburova, in photos atleft and center, were gunned down on Monday, in Moscow, Tuesday, Jan.20, 2009. Markelov, renowned for hiswork on abuses in Chechnya was shot to death Monday by a masked gunmanwho followed him from a news conference, officials said. A youngjournalist who tried to intervene also was gunned down. (AP Photo by Alexander Zemlianichenko)