Departures Podcast featuring Frank Costigliola, author of ‘Kennan: A Life between Worlds’

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George F. Kennan is arguably the most important American diplomat of the modern era, whose “long telegram” and strategy of containment shaped the Cold War and postwar period. And yet, at critical moments later in his career, he was cast aside and shut out by the institutions he once led.

In his new book, “Kennan: A Life Between Worlds,” acclaimed historian Frank Costigliola draws attention to the very interesting and intimate details of his personal life and upbringing, drawing a much more complex and sometimes surprising portrait of America’s top diplomat, bringing us inside his thinking and decision making experiences.

In this podcast interview with host Robert Amsterdam, Costigliola explores the intricate web of politics, ideology, and personal struggles that shaped George F. Kennan’s rise to prominence, and shares some of his thoughts about Kennan’s policy visions which did not come to fruition, and what he might think of current global tensions.