Energy Blast – Aug 26, 2011

21 of Japan’s nuclear reactors are reaching the end of their licenses, and a third of those are reaching their fifth decade, ‘which should be avoided’ – could decommissioning costs reach $13 billion?  Gazprom is unimpressed by buyers demanding ‘one-off help’ with pricing (possibly a reference to E.On and RWE, both of which have sought new purchase terms with the company) . Energy raids are uncovering illegal energy use in the Moscow region, which reportedly can cost the grid supplier over $1 million per month.  Tariffs on Transneft’s oil shipments are to be increased in a bid to fund ‘ambitious’ investments projects.  Vladimir Putin has put his signature to an order putting Russia’s new oil product export duty regime into effect, under which duty will be fixed at 66% of the fees paid on exports.  Iraq’s ambassador says his country is ready to start providing Pakistan with oil.  The Peruvian government is to impose a new tax on mining groups in a bid to collect an extra $1.1 billion per year and capitalise on the commodities boom.