Energy Blast – Jan 24, 2011

After two days of discussions in Istanbul ended in stalemate, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has apparently expressed the hope that talks with world powers on Iran’s nuclear program will resume.  A fuel enrichment deal could still be on the cards, one Iranian official has apparently said, but with Russian involvement only.  According to the Moscow Times, Italian Industry Minister Paolo Romani has said that the possibility of a merger between any of the new pipelines designed to bring Russian natural gas to Europe would be impossible.  The Independent has a look at the likelihood of oil reserves running out as emerging economies ramp up consumption.  The Gulf Coast Claims Facility, which has been designed as a financial rapid response source for those affected by the Deepwater oil spill, has been criticized for potentially reducing victims’ right to sue in the long term, says the Telegraph.  Chris Giles sketches out three possible outcomes for oil prices over the next few years in the FT.